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5 Drywall Installation Mistakes a Professional Never Makes

Drywall installation is a simple and straightforward process. Despite that, it’s not unheard of for a property getting damaged due to the poor or improper installation of drywall.

If you are considering the installation of drywall and want to ensure you have hired the right team for the job, you will never find the workers making these mistakes:

1.    Guessing the Framing Location

This is something that professional drywall installers never do. They never base their work on mere guesses, especially for a task as important as framing the location. This is an important step to consider before covering your ceiling with the drywall. The best way to go about it is by lining the framework with a pencil so that it’s easier to drill into the right spots.

2.    Drive Screws Way Too Deep

When hanging drywall, it’s all too common for an amateur to drive screws deeper than required. This leads to the breaking of the drywall paper and adversely impacting the holding power of the screws. Ideally, installers shouldn’t drive screws more than a quarter past the paper’s surface.

Many modern drill machines come with a clutch to set the depth prior to drilling to avoid this common issue altogether.

3.    Forgetting to Trim Before Fastening

This often happens when workers assigned for hanging drywall lack adequate work experience. Sometimes, the drywall hole doesn’t fit the outlet because of the way it’s cut first. What this happens, you should fit it before directly fastening the drywall to the framing. If you skip this step, it’s likely for the drywall to break around the electric outlet during trimming.

4.    Creating Unnecessary Joints

Installing too many joints makes no sense. And if you do so, it will take a lot of your time in taping drywall. Hanging drywall is time-consuming anyway, and by installing additional joints, the process becomes more tedious. Choose the correct size and thickness of drywall so that the taping of the drywall takes no more than the expected time and effort.

5.    Using Super Long Screws

Well-skilled drywall specialists avoid using oversized screws as it hampers the structural integrity of a house or loosens the drywall from its framing location. Using overly long screws can eventually ruin the wiring and plumbing of your walls.


These are the 5 common drywall installation mistakes a professional never mistakes. Utah Drywall & Repair is a leading drywall company in Utah. Whether you want to install, repair, or replace drywall, hire the Utah Drywall & Repair services to restore the beauty of your house.

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