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Custom Chain Link Gates

Chain Link Fence Savannah GA

At Savannah Gate and Fence, we create, design and install custom chain link gates for you.

We all know that chain link fences can help you secure and section off parts of your property. It’s the ideal solution for you if you’re currently on a tight budget or don’t want any walls or fences to obstruct your property’s view.

And the best way to close your chain fence with style is to install custom chain link gates. You need them to complete your chain link fence when the regular-sized chain link gates don’t fit well in the location where they need to be installed.

Why choose chain link instead of other fencing materials like wood, aluminum, or PVC? Because chain link fences and gates provide several benefits you won’t get from your other options.

Great Price Savings

Custom chain link gates are cost-effective. This fencing type is cheaper and sturdier compared to wrought iron and vinyl.


Chain link gates fences are made of interlocked, coated steel wires. They provide excellent protection trespassers at a great price. Custom chain link gates also work wonders keeping your commercial properties or assets secure.


Chain link gates are some of the sturdiest fencing entry options out there. They are made from solid metals, all of which provide durability and longevity.

Easy Repair And Maintenance

Chain link gates are easy to repair and maintain. You can repair them yourself either by using chain links or thick wires, which are readily available in any hardware store.

Maintaining them is as easy as reapplying finishes to prevent rusting if the current finish is degrading. If there’s already rust, you can just use de-rusting chemicals, scrape or brush the rust off, and reapply a finish.

Flexible And Durable

A custom chain link gate is also known as “hurricane” or “cyclone fencing” because wind can pass through them, allowing them to withstand hurricanes and cyclones with ease. It has only two natural enemies: rust and a link fence cutter.

How are Chain Link Gates made?

  • Custom chain link gates are created from a spool of either aluminum wire or galvanized steel.
  • A simple machine called a wire straightener is used to straighten the wire.
  • The wires is then fed to knitting chain link machines.
  • The machine bends the straight wire into zig-zag patterns.
  • The bent wires are applied to solid frame, and once done, we’ll have your fence gate ready for installation.


After the last step, we’ll be waiting for the date when we’ll dispatch our installers to take care of your job order.

Get The Experts To Help

Now that you see how great these custom chain link gates and fences can be, why not let Savannah Gate and Fence help you out? We have some of the most experienced fencing and gate installers in the area, and they’ll be ready to lend their expertise to your project.

For more information and to request a free on-site bid and consultation, please call us @ 912-800-0818 or submit a online estimate request below.