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Interior Cages & Enclosures

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For many industries, interior cages and fence enclosures are the best protection solutions. Many government facilities, as well as industrial and commercial establishments, take advantage of our products. Our enclosures are affordable and are constructed using strong materials.

The Design

Most of these enclosures consist of tubular metals, which make up the framework. Chain link fencing encloses the framework for a design that helps retain visibility while also keeping separation. These enclosures are effective for protecting whatever you keep inside.

The Applications

You can use cages and enclosures in a variety of ways. Here are some applications that you may find useful:

Animal Control

Enclosures help separate animals that could potentially harm humans. These are popular choices for kennels and pens. They are also suitable for wildlife rescue facilities where animals often need separation. Aside from separation, the fences help facilitate care while providing animals and humans a sense of protection.

Other facilities that can use these include agricultural ones, which need help keeping animals away. Parks and zoos can also take advantage of the sturdiness of these enclosures. The best part about it is that you can opt to have an entire facility enclosed without spending a fortune.

Hazard Separation

Hazardous items such as chemicals and machinery present a risk when encountered by someone unaware of their dangers. We’ve all heard of freak accidents with factory equipment and acidic substances. Enclosures help restrict access while still allowing visibility. Inattentive people will stay out, and operations can continue uninhibited.

Theft Protection

Enclosures and cages are a great deterrent to trespassers and thieves. You’ll keep many away with their presence alone. Those wanting to try their luck will encounter a lot of difficulties trying to bypass a durable cage. It’s also a way to deter vandals, which often try to get to off-limits areas to cause all kinds of trouble.

Pedestrian And Vehicle Access Control

Partitions provide an ideal way to avoid any unnecessary conflict with vehicles or pedestrians. These partitions are especially useful if your establishment relies on automated machinery.

Cages can also provide temporary detainment as used by military and law enforcement. We’ve even seen them used as a checkpoint to prevent public access to dangerous areas.


Many businesses desire an organized storage space. Interior cages are a great way to quickly create a storage space, providing a secure partition for your valuable goods. Many warehouses use these as a quick and even permanent solution.

The Best Prices At Savannah Gate and Fence

Savannah Gate and Fence offers some of the most affordable interior cages and enclosures. Not only are they priced fairly, they are also easy to install. We can easily set up or remove the enclosure as needed. Our enclosures also require no maintenance whatsoever, and you can reap the benefits of durable fencing right away.

Aside from the usual chain link fences, we also offer a variety of other materials. Wood fences are a popular choice for residential areas. Others choose aluminum fencing as they are rustproof.

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