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Fencing for Sports Facilities

fencing sports facilities savannah ga

What Facilities Do We Serve?

Tennis Courts

Fencing for tennis courts is usually done with chain link fencing. This allows visibility into the court and ensures that the balls don’t come out of the court. We can install fences for different types of tennis courts, whether residential or commercial.

Basketball Courts

Like tennis courts, most basketball courts use chain link fencing. However, several other materials can be used for these fences as well.

Baseball Fields

Baseball is an outdoor sport, and fencing for a baseball field can be done with many different materials. We recommend the super rebound fencing, which is made from steel wires that create a metal mesh fence. The fencing option is durable enough to take significant impact.

Football Fields

Fencing for football fields is primarily different from the other types of sports facilities because of the need for height. Footballs can go quite high, which creates the need for fencing options that can accommodate this. Whatever the height you require, rest assured that we can get it done.


For local parks, we also provide effective fencing options to ensure proper containment and security. From wooden fences to the chainlink options and more, we have what you need and can get it installed.

Pool Areas

While pool areas don’t have stringent requirements for fencing, it is vital to have a secure enclosure around them. We also consider the possibility of containing water when we install fences around pools.

Based on the location, we can easily help you get what you need.

If you’ve got a need for high-quality sports facility fencing services, call Savannah Gate and Fence and let us help you out!

Why Fence Sports Facilities and Areas?

The fencing requirements for sports facilities aren’t entirely the same as for other buildings. Unlike conventional buildings where you might need to have wood or metal fencing, sports facilities take a bit of a more laid-back approach. However, this isn’t to say that they don’t have some stringent requirements.

For most sports facility fencing projects, it is crucial to ensure safety and containment. You should be able to keep everyone inside safe and secure, and the fence itself should be able to contain the activity that the area has been designated for.

For the latter requirement, containment isn’t necessarily limited to the containment of people and children. It also means being able to prevent things like balls from breaching boundaries and fences.

Beyond these, several other factors should be considered when selecting and specifying the right sports facility fencing solutions. It would help if you considered the security of the enclosure, the protection of surrounding properties, the playability of the facility itself, and in many cases, even aesthetic appeal.

At Savannah Gate and Fence, we understand the requirements that come with sports facility fencing projects. It doesn’t matter whether the facility caters to elite-level sports activities, leisure, or practice. You need experts to handle your fencing project, and you can rest assured that we are the right people to handle all your needs.

Quality is our most significant consideration, and we strive to provide the ideal fencing type for your facility.

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