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All You Need to Know Before Installing a Fence

Do you want to feel safe around your property and restrict access by building a barrier? Or have you decided to hire a professional to fence all of your property? However, before getting it, here are some basics you must learn before building a fence around your property. You can consider this as a checklist to ensure that you are doing all the steps in the correct order and to avoid future issues.

There are multiple styles to form a barrier that can protect your land from unwanted access, and professional fence companies provide you with all the available and suitable options. Although after agreeing to a single material, check out the checklist below to know what to expect from the company and how to fence your property.

Things to Consider Before Fencing any Property

Mark your Property

The first step is to check the boundaries of your property, and that too, with the help of a municipality’s officer, you need to know exactly where you are allowed to build a fence.

Get an Estimate

The next step is to contact a professional fencing company and get an estimate for the property. You can tell them about the material you want, the height of the fence, and your budget for the process. The companies sometimes send out professionals who look at the land and make a layout for areas where the fence will be installed.

Apply For a Permit

Whether you are building a fence yourself or hiring someone to do it for you, first, you need a license to put a barrier on the property. Before finalizing dates and buying material, acquire a permit from authorities, this process takes time, and after thorough inspection, you are allowed to build a fence.

Choose the Right Season

Do not think of building a fence in summers if your area experiences heavy rainfalls; it would make the process much muddier, and even the paint won’t dry. Also, digging holes or working in that weather outside would be impossible if you have extremely cold winters with snowfalls.

Sign the Contract

The next thing is to sign a contract that clearly instructs about the rules that will be followed, materials to be used, dates will be set, and you must ensure that after the work is complete, the company collects the debris. Another thing you need to make sure of is that you get free inspections until the warranty expires.

Marking Lines on The Map

Before digging holes in the ground, contact your utility companies and ask them about any underground lines that go under your property. They mostly send a representative that marks those lines on the map so you can avoid digging on those lines.

Call Up the Building Crew

Now you can ask the fencing company to send a crew with materials to work on your property. Once the fence is set and upright in its position, you can paint it yourself or hire someone to do it. Your fence will be ready to protect your property in no time.

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