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Wooden fence

Tips to Maintain Wood Fences

A fence is a significant asset for whichever property it surrounds. Be it a house, a farm, or a lodge, having a fence keeps the place safe while adding to its aesthetics. And the best part is the variety of options property owners have to choose a fence for their estate. Wood, vinyl, aluminum, etc., are some of the many materials available on the market that make excellent panels for establishing borders around a place.

While there are several material choices to erect a fence, most estate owners’ go-to preference is wood. Wooden panels are the top choice for stretching a boundary around a house as they are a lasting source of privacy, safety, and beauty for a property.

But surprisingly enough, even though wooden panels are the popular fence choice within the homeowners’ community, many people remain unaware of the correct protocol for maintaining it. You’d be surprised to know how often house owners end up with destroyed wooden fences just because they didn’t know how to keep them right. If you don’t wish to become the next statistic of those who have to change their fence because of improper upkeep, you want to know the right upkeep protocol for wooden fences. And to help you with that, here are essential tips for maintaining wooden fences. You can also visit Texas Pool Fence Company for more fence information.

Inspect Away the Wear and Tear

Like every household item, a fence is bound to wear with time, but if you stay vigilant, you can delay the inevitable. Hence, inspect your wooden fence every few months and look for any surfacing issues, such as loosened nuts and panels.

If you find any unsteady elements in your fence, fix it right away and make sure every part is sturdy and well put together.

You should also look closely for any signs of pest infestations, such as termites. If you can spot any, reach out to an expert immediately.

Clean your Fence Periodically

When it comes to cleaning wooden objects, people assume washing is a big no-no because it will destroy the timber. While wood is susceptible to developing structural problems due to exposure to moisture, it can survive one or two washings.

Don’t let the notion of ‘water will ruin the wood in a fence’ stop you from doing what’s right, i.e., washing your fence once in a while.

To do that, first, remove all visible dirt and debris, then use a hose to pressure clean all the tiny particles that might be sitting in hard-to-see crevices. Also, make sure that your plants are well trimmed and not leaning on your fence as that will exert extra pressure on it and expose it to excessive moisture, leading to fungal growth.

Repaint and Reseal

Whether a piece of wood needs to be repainted or resealed can be gauged from how it’s taking water. That is, if the wooden panels that make your fence are absorbing water instead of beading it up, you need to repaint and reseal them. Why? Because the satin finish you had over your fence is probably gone, allowing water to penetrate the panels.

Naturally, if you do not apply a sealant over your fence after picking up on the said issue, the wood panels will begin to decay soon.

Ending Note

Putting a fence around your house is not a one-time job. You need to put a little effort into keeping it in tiptop shape. So, make sure you don’t slack off in maintaining your wooden fences.

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