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Tips to Maintain Your Wooden Fence in Winter

Harsh weather can damage even the strongest of materials. It is common to see fencing buckle and sag during winter, but with the right steps, you can avoid long- or short-term damage during this season. Let’s look at these 6 tips to maintain your wooden fence in winter to ensure your fencing remains in good condition.

Prioritize Due Fence Repairs

If you have any pending fence repairs, ensure they are completed as quickly as possible. Snow causes fence posts to expand and contract, and weakened fence posts may not be able to handle this, thus making the fence unstable.

Ensure your fence is duly repaired before the arrival of winter to ensure stability. When you prevent damage to the fencing around your home, you will avoid long-term damage and save money.

Keep Your Fence Dry

If you see snow around your fence, remove it as quickly as possible. This will prevent water damage to the fence. When your fence is dry, you avoid the risk of damaged wood and rusting metal. This will also prevent the wood and metal from freezing together and damaging the fence. So shoveling snow regularly from around your fence is an excellent winter maintenance step.

Trim Overhanging Limbs

It’s also best to trim overhanging limbs from your fence before winter. Overhanging limbs can thicken the build-up of ice around your fencing. The limbs themselves can sag from the weight of the ice and break, thus damaging the fencing underneath. It’s best to keep all trees at least three feet away from your fencing.

Inspect the Fence

Another overlooked step in fence maintenance is to examine your fence. Walk down the fence length and inspect it for any rot or damage. If you find any damage, attend to it without delay. This can save you time, money, and bigger problems in the long run.

Clean and Pressure Wash the Fence

It’s normal for fences to get dirty. Make sure you clean and pressure wash your fence routinely. If dirt is left unattended, it can harm your fencing in the long run. A regular clean-up will make your fence look new and pristine and add to its longevity.

Use Protective Wood Stain

When preparing your fence for winter, make sure to use a protective wood stainer of high quality. This will protect your fencing from the ill effects of moisture, rain, snow, or sleet. It’s recommended to apply a protective wood stain every year before winter. Not only does this decrease harm from the harsh snow and cold, but it also makes your fence last much longer than it normally would.


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