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Useful tips for maintaining wooden fence

Useful Tips for Wood Fence Maintenance

Getting a wooden fence professionally designed on your property is a cost-effective measure to enhance your home’s curb appeal and create a sense of privacy.

Wooden fences are elegant and timeless structures that give your home a secured and fresh look, increasing your property’s aesthetic and monetary value.

Like all wooden structures, a wood fence demands attention and consistent maintenance. A neglected wood fence could easily break, be unstable, and make your landscape look unkempt and run down. Such an unappealing outlook would lower your home’s desirability in the market.

Want to know how you can maintain your wooden fence?

Keep reading below to learn about the five useful ways.

Maintain a Painting Routine

Maintaining a painting routine that involves repainting your wood fences once a year is a great way to ensure your wood fence looks neat and stays strong.

Many wood paints come with water-repellent qualities. Since water can affect your wood fence’s strength and stability, a fresh coat of paint ensures that the wood is well protected against water damage.

A fresh coat of paint enhances your landscape’s appearance by giving your wood fences a brand-new look.

Clean your Fences Regularly

With time, weathered and unkempt wood becomes weak. This weakness affects the total stability and functionality of your wood fences.

Hence, develop a cleaning routine and follow it regularly. You can use an air blower, vacuum cleaner, soft brush, dry cloth or a gentle broom to clean dust and debris from your fences. If your wood fences have intricate designs carved in, do not forget to clean them out in detail with a smaller brush.

After a few weeks, you can also apply wood polish to your fences to protect them from damage and make them look new.

Termite Proof your Wood Fence

A neglected wood fence can very easily get attacked by termites. Termites can do a lot of damage to a wood fence.

They can make your wood fence hollow from the inside, affecting its strength and durability. Sometimes, you will only notice a termite attack when the rail or the post of your fence breaks.

If you have trees around the wood fence, your trees would be threatened with a termite infestation.

Hence, spraying your wood fence regularly with a termite repellant spray is essential for long term fence maintenance. It also protects your trees and other surrounding wooden structures from being affected by a termite infestation.

Keep an Eye Out

Maintenance involves addressing damages and making repairs in a timely manner.

To effectively maintain your wood fence, make sure to keep an eye out for the wood fence’s structure and condition. If any part of your wood fence is broken, has water damage, has its paint scraped off or has termites, do not ignore it.

Timely repairs and fixes can save you from the costs of having to install a new wood fence.

Final Thoughts

Wood fences can create a feeling of privacy and security while increasing your home’s desirability and value. Get a wood fence style that suits your house, and then develop a maintenance routine to extend the wood fence’s life and durability.


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