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DIY fence installation

Why Is DIY Fence Installation Not Recommended?

A property with a fence looks a lot more attractive than one without it. A fence gives a greater sense of privacy and security. If you don’t have a fence around your house, there are numerous reasons why you should get one. However, if you’re under the impression that you can install a fence yourself, you’re highly mistaken.

Many homeowners have attempted installing fences themselves. However, they often make mistakes that eventually lead them to take the fence off of call professionals to fix it. There are many reasons why DIY fence installation isn’t recommended. If you were planning to do it yourself, we suggest you read this blog post first and see why we suggest you hire a fencing professional for the job.

1. You Aren’t Equipped with the Right Tools and Adequate Experience

Fence installation isn’t something anyone can do. It’s a technical job that involves the use of certain techniques and tools that you may not be equipped with. Without the right experience and tools, you just can’t get the job done right. You’ll have to invest in the equipment, which still doesn’t guarantee a job well done.

2. Fence Installation Isn’t Straight

One of the reasons why DIY fence installation is bad is that you can’t get the fence straight. You’ve got to dig holes in the ground for installing fencing posts. Chances that you’ll end up digging holes of varying depths are high. As a result, your fence won’t appear straight. And that is a major visual turn-off.

3. Holes Aren’t Deep Enough

You may not dig holes deep enough to hold the fence posts in place for long. Your fence might collapse sooner than later. If the fence posts aren’t secured tightly in the ground, the fence’s integrity will remain questionable, and the fence may fall or break even under the slightest pressure. You’ll have to call a fencing professional to fix that anyway, so why take the risk in the first place?

4. Wrong Choice of Fence Material

If you know nothing about fences, you may end up investing in the wrong fence material that won’t last long. A fencing professional will guide you regarding the material and cost and everything else there is. However, with DIY fence installation, you get nothing of the sort, and the chances of you making a mistake are always high.

5. Your yard Isn’t Leveled

We say that DIY fence installation is a bad idea because your yard won’t be necessarily the same level throughout. The ground isn’t always straight. It means that the holes you dig for your fence posts will have to be of varying depth throughout the yard, making fence installation a lot more challenging. Getting the fence straight in such a case is something that only an expert can do well.


DIY fence installation is a bad idea for all the right reasons. if you want to save money in the long run, it’s better to hire fencing professionals from the beginning. A job done by experts will be a job done right.

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